I Promise You Anarchy
I Promise You Anarchy
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I Promise You Anarchy

Unclassified 18+ | 88 mins | Germany | Mexico | 2015 | Julio Hernández Cordón
Wed 22 Mar 8:45 PM

Kino Cinemas
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Miguel is from a typical Mexican middle-class background and is having a torrid affair with the son of his family's maid, fellow skater Johnny. For the most part, Miguel and Johnny hang out and skate with their friends through the hectic streets of Mexico City, revelling in their ambiguous sexuality. On the side they are working for an illegal blood trade cartel. When one blood order goes horrifyingly wrong, they are in over their heads. Julio Hernández Cordón incorporates a raw documentary aesthetic to tell this contemporary story where desire, commerce and exploitation collide.

Spanish with English subtitles.

Kino Cinemas

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