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Unclassified 18+ | 94 mins | Sweden | USA | 2016 | Sara Jordenö
Fri 24 Mar 8:00 PM

ACMI Cinema 1
Assisted ListeningWheelchair Access

'A kaleidoscopic and vivid rendering of a world that is larger than life, flamboyant but ultimately fragile' – The Guardian

Best Documentary Teddy Award - Berlin International Film Festival 2016

Category is "Queer Activism Realness!" The ball scene is alive and well in NYC, with the younger, feistier Kiki crew hungry to take the spotlight. Swedish filmmaker Sara Jordenö draws a fabulously frocked line between Jennie Livingston's 1991 documentary, Paris is Burning, and her film, Kiki. Developed hand in hand with some of the key players on the scene, primarily Twiggy Pucci Garçon, founder of the Opulent Haus of PUCCI, Kiki delves into the lives of these young people- of-colour growing up queer and trans*. Their stories, while sometimes heartbreaking, never fail to inspire. The future is in good hands. And it can vogue.