The Cult
The Cult
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The Cult

Unclassified 18+ | 70 mins | Brazil | 2015 | André Antônio
Sat 25 Mar 10:15 PM

ACMI Cinema 1
Assisted ListeningSubtitledWheelchair Access

Australian Premiere

An artfully subversive and slyly funny science fiction with all the cool of Godard's Alphaville and audacity of Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. The year is 2040. Our protagonist leaves the Space Colonies to return to Recife, the now abandoned city where he grew up. He spends his days in idleness, cruising for men, drinking tea in his opulent family home and wandering the ruined city. Over time, he begins to spot signs of something strange happening in Recife, eventually discovering the existence of a bizarre cult.

Portuguese with English subtitles.

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ACMI Cinema 1

Federation Square
Melbourne, VIC, 3000