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Unclassified 18+ | 82 mins | USA | 2015 | Dominic Rodriguez
Sat 18 Mar 2:00 PM

ACMI Cinema 1
Assisted ListeningWheelchair Access

'Illuminates the beauty and anger in furry culture’ – Inverse

Melbourne Premiere

This fascinating documentary explores the lives of "furries", those who role-play dressed as anthropomorphic animals. Director Dominic Rodriguez, a furry too, reveals the different individuals behind the plush costumes, many of whom are gay or bi, including androgynous dog-identified eccentric "Boomer", suburban mom "Freya", to furry sex toy manufacturer "Varka" of Bad Dragon. Avoiding sensationalism, the film delves into the furry fray of intimate dramas and intragroup dilemmas, challenged to define their own lifestyles contrary to the myths spread by the media. This nuanced film raises universal questions about the search to define ourselves and the desire to be accepted.

ACMI Cinema 1

Federation Square
Melbourne, VIC, 3000