The Watermelon Woman
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The Watermelon Woman

Unclassified 18+ | 83 mins | USA | 1996 | Cheryl Dunye
Thu 23 Mar 8:45 PM

Kino Cinemas
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‘Dunye's film is smart, sexy, funny, historically aware, and stunningly contemporary’ - Austin Chronicle

Teddy Award for Best Queer Feature Film - Berlin International Film Festival 1996
Audience Award for Outstanding Narrative Feature - L.A. Outfest 1996

Videographer (and video store assistant), Cheryl (played by director Cheryl Dunye), is working on a film project exploring the life and work of her favourite "mammy" of 30s and 40s cinema, identified only as "The Watermelon Woman". Her investigations, and a new romance with seductive customer, Diana (Guinevere Turner), push her to live out the very ideas she’s exploring. Part love story, part reinvention of African American film history, The Watermelon Woman is a classic of New Queer Cinema. This pristine twentieth anniversary restoration gives audiences the opportunity to re-examine Dunye’s rare, personal, and still very relevant encapsulation of intersectionality with fresh eyes.


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