Breaking Fast
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Breaking Fast

MQFF Together Closing Night
Sat Mar 20 8:00 PM

Village Coburg Drive-In
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
120 Mins
Sat Mar 20

Breaking Fast begins with an abrupt breakup when Mo’s boyfriend, Hassan, reveals his plans to marry a woman to appease his conservative Muslim family. A year goes by and Mo, heartbroken and dejected, is still mourning the lost relationship. Wallowing in his own mundanity, Mo spends his evenings eating alone and leaving lengthy voicemails for his grandmother. That is, until he attends his best friend’s extravagant 25th birthday party, where Mo is introduced to the absurdly handsome aspiring actor, Kal. It turns out that Kal speaks fluent Arabic, a consequence of having spent his childhood in a military base in Jordan. Forming a close bond in the midst of Ramadan, Mo and Kal share iftar – an evening meal to break daytime fasting – together almost every night. Sexual tension grows as Mo, a devoted practising Muslim, must refrain from impure thoughts  and physical touch during the holy month.
Based on his short film, which MQFF screened in 2017, writer/director Mike Mosallam’s delightful queer rom-com artfully explores the contradictory elements of homosexuality, Islamic politics and family.

Breaking Fast is as near a perfect film as one can ask for.
- Film Threat

Sceens with A Big Life
Dir: Anna Brownfield, Australia, 2021, 15 mins

Told through the tales of Bobbie Nugent, A Big Life is a story of  butches and femmes, gangsters, sex workers, travelling side shows and early Australian transgender history.

Sat Mar 20

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Village Coburg Drive-In

155 Newlands Road Coburg North, Victoria, 3058