Animated and Far Out Shorts (MQFF+)

Animated and Far Out Shorts (MQFF+)

107 Mins
From animation to far out narratives, immerse yourself in these stunning and quirky short films.


A girl keeps struggling with her identity and gender. She was treated like a boy to grew up, so everything about the gender made her confused. She tried to act a girl and finally lets it go.

Into the Next Tide (DIR: Yaya Xi-lin Wang, UK)
A castaway, Tofu, is found ashore by a group of musicians. Together, the band welcomes their newcomer. Meanwhile, at the other side of sea, something is calling upon Tofu in reminiscence of a past storm.

A Spot for Frog (DIR: Evan Bode, USA)
Stigmatized and alone, non-binary 'Frog' is friendless in a fantastical world, but that could be about to change.

Visibly Queer (DIR: Ruby Edwards, Australia)
The voices of young queers escaping isolation from outer regions arrive in Naarm “ a place to fail and grow and explore” among the terraced houses and the nightlife with the promise of a queer utopia.

Aikāne (DIR: Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, USA)
A decolonial tale of reconnection and a return to valuing queer Moana from the team who made the award winning Kapaemahu. This is beautiful animated storytelling with a love element of surprise.

Kitchen Sink Fantasy (DIR: Heath Virgoe, UK)
Charlie is drawn to the kitchen sink, and not to do the dishes, in this Scottish share house queer fantasy where it's a new take on chivalry and the fairy godmother allegory.

Plastic Touch (DIR: Aitana Ahrens, Spain)
TV and Chill: 2 sex dolls in a Doll Brothel form a close bond through the fantasies they see on television.

Discoteque (DIR: Mashashi Yamamoto, USA)
An amyl-fuelled reverie where dance meets disco beat dirge for a queer scene being swallowed one new apartment complex at a time. Roy Orbison has never hit this hard.

Doppelgänger (DIR: Don Bapst, Canada)
A young man flirts with a mysterious older guy at an underground club in the 1980s amidst the rise of a serial killer and the start of a new “gay cancer” – decades later, the same man returns to the club and all feels very familiar…

Bold Eagle (DIR: Whammy Alcazaren, Philippines)
BOLD is an “alter”, a person who anonymously posts nudes and performs lascivious acts in the nether regions of the Internet. Together with his talking cat and with the help of some hallucinogenic drugs, BOLD takes a deep dive into the chaos of the Internet. Seeking refuge in the strong arms of strange men, BOLD searches for true happiness.

MQFF+ content is available to purchase now, and will be available to stream from Friday 10 Nov  – Monday 20 Nov.