Housekeeping for Beginners
Housekeeping for Beginners

Housekeeping for Beginners

Sat 18 Nov 8:45 PM
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Cinema Nova - Cinema 8
Allocated Seating
Unclassified 15+
107 Mins | Croatia | Kosovo | North Macedonia | Poland | Serbia | Sweden

This year’s Queer Lion winner at Venice and North Macedonia’s Oscar candidate is none other than the third feature from outstanding Melbourne-based filmmaker, Goran Stolevski, director of 2022’s Of an Age and You Won’t Be Alone. We’re a long way from Of an Age’s late-‘90s Melbourne suburbia here, though, in this boisterous, cinéma vérité-style dramedy set in a makeshift queer household in Skopje, subject to constant, farcical comings and goings of queer and Romani folk galore.

Anamaria Marinca anchors the film as Dita, a woman who had never sought to be a mother but has to raise her Romani girlfriend’s two troublemaking daughters, hopefully with assistance from housemate Toni (Vladimir Tintor), whose young, new Romani boyfriend seems to have taken up residence too. Chaos, amidst a probing of Balkan social mores, ensues.

Cinema Nova - Cinema 8

380 Lygon Street Carlton, Victoria, 3053