L-Word Shorts (MQFF+)

L-Word Shorts (MQFF+)

107 Mins
This shorts collection goes out to all the women-identifying and loving fans.


Cups (DIR: Andrew Gillingham, Canada)
After looking for a sperm donar, Lindsey is finding it harder to resort to online searching. The only catch? Lindsey seems to want to ask a man across from them at a restaurant, forcing her and her partner to put a face to a donation.

Dead Lesbians (DIR: Eva Justine Torkkola, Australia)
Tired of reading about all fictionalised lesbians dying from loneliness, Isabelle can't get rid of her imaginary mentor Dorothy as she finds her spark for dating again.

Empress ClawScream (DIR: Stephen T Lally, UK)
When Róisín's best friend Jess (who she's not so secretly in love with) has to leave, the only way you she can summon the courage to share her desire is through the help of the 1980s cartoon villainess 'Empress ClawScream' she prays to.

Good Times and That’s Okay (DIR: Amanda Kaye, Australia)
After a lifetime in the closet, 70 year old Terri's world is tipped on its axis when she she learns what true love and acceptance is from a sex worker.

Périphérie (DIR: Thibault Bru, France)
After refusing to get induced, overdue Eva forces her partner Sraya to take her home. In all their butting heads, illness and arguments they must decide on a name for their little one and confront their own fears about motherhood.

Sifter (DIR: Shalini Bathina, USA)
Turns out Happily Ever After's aren't always so simple. As Smara and Nisha celebrate their first Karva Chauth together as a married couple, they realise that some issues can't be left unspoken.

The Tree (DIR: Ida Hansen Eldøen, Norway)
Lesbian breakup's hit different - especially when a hungover Rebecca finds her ex-girlfiend Vivian ready to risk it all for an apple tree planted in her backyard.

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