Laugh-Out-Proud Shorts (MQFF+)

Laugh-Out-Proud Shorts (MQFF+)

122 Mins
Need a little LOL in your life? We’ve got you sorted with these laugh-out-loud shorts.


A Bed for Three or The Extraordinary and Surprising Complexity of Bedroom Furniture (DIR: Jan-Peter Horstmann, Germany)
Fred, Timo and Jona want to finally move in together—but finding the perfect bed for a throuple to share is easier said than done.

Bear (DIR: Jimi Vall Peterson, Sweden)
When Elias is reunited with a long-lost childhood companion, their relationship is rekindled—but can it last?

Life in Canada (DIR: Frédéric Rosset, France)
Sarah takes her stepdaughter Hermione to visit her parents before a big move to Canada, but the absence of Hermione's mother raises questions for her family.

Queerfully Departed (DIR: Trent Nakamura, USA)
When Mimi Pascual dies in the middle of a hysteroscopy, her queer archangel reveals that her soulmate is the doctor who accidentally killed her.

Say No to Craft (DIR: David Lawrence, Australia)
Billy’s therapist recommends he dip his toe into the world of arts and crafts; naturally, it sends him to hell.

MQFF+ content is available to purchase now, and will be available to stream from Friday 10 Nov  – Monday 20 Nov.