Lesbians at Large Shorts (MQFF+)

Lesbians at Large Shorts (MQFF+)

107 Mins
Lesbians go large with this small but perfectly formed collection.


Héroïnes (DIR: River, France)
Two lesbian, Jewish artists are armed with a 8mm camera and are committed to tormenting Nazi German troops that have arrived on the island of Jersey, in 1940.

Oranges in the Winter Sun (DIR: Anureet Watta, India)
Two young queer lovers find their space to love openly in their cramped world of conservative New Dehli. Through a photographer lens, what will they decide to share?

Roses (DIR: Coral Knights, UK)
Rosa’s evening plans take a unexpected turn and she finds herself wasting time in her small Cornish town while her daughter occupies her house for a friends only 18th do.

Seagulls Cut Through the Sky (DIR: Mariana Bártolo, Guillermo García López, Portugal, France)
Union strikes in a still harbour in Porto, Clara holds her ground as the owner of a fisherman’s bar is threatened but shares her inner fears with a waitress from the visiting cruise ships.

When There Were Trees (DIR: Shahin Gorgani, Iran)
An mourning Iranian woman asks a young travelling theatre troupe to accompany her on a journey to her past, they listen to her regrets while she ultimately turns a new leaf.

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