Out-There Shorts (MQFF+)

Out-There Shorts (MQFF+)

114 Mins
Delve into a world of boundary-pushing shorts that’ll make you think.


Drag You (DIR: Nadia Koro, Hadrien Daigneault-Roy, Sascha Cowan, Canada)
A mourning being begins an odyssey, either memorial or imagined, in the empty space of a wasteland. Their wandering on the bangs of the city transports them into a fresco inhabited by a multitude of figures.

I SEEK YOUR HELP TO BURY A MAN (DIR: Anderson Bardot, Brazil)
An epic fever dream in short form, this historical reimagining champions the power of trans and Indigenous bodies in a surrealistic triumph set in 1870 Brazil.

Monochrome (DIR: Dan Nieders, Switzerland)
Behind closed doors, Juan lives their fantasies through Elise, with an intense and strange fascination. While Elise and Marius are flirting during a night out with friends. Juan is drawn into the introspection of a wicked game, and must regain control of their body to access their desires.

Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin (DIR: Dan Dansen, Germany)
“This is a manifesto for the weirdos, freaks, trauma survivors.” Let non-binary filmmaker Dan Dansen take you on a healing journey.

The Cave of Dr Cayla (DIR: Sofia Chapman, Australia)
An invalid musician Claude seeks remedy for a respiratory condition. He tracks down the renowned Dr Cayla and begins treatment, yet encounters dark secrets in her 'cave' (wine cellar). After Claude's mysterious disappearance, on discovering his journal, can intrepid speleologist Atlanta Peabody uncover the truth?

The Ephemeral (DIR: Jorge Muriel, Spain)
Two strangers meet in a subway car. Both bring their past with them. Both look from their present. Both will determine their future in that fleeting, and ephemeral, vital journey that brings them together briefly.

The Year Long Boulder (DIR: Brielle LeBlanc, Canada)
“Does a boulder know they are a boulder?” A musing on existence, friendship, poetry and the spirit of creativity with a heartsore glow.

MQFF+ content is available to purchase now, and will be available to stream from Friday 10 Nov  – Monday 20 Nov.