Real Life Shorts (MQFF+)

Real Life Shorts (MQFF+)

101 Mins
These short docos shine a light on real-life queer stories.


Digging Deeper: Ben McKeown (DIR: Mark Street, Australia)
A deep dive into examining Ben McKeown's connection to his Aboriginality and queerness and how that influences his art leading up to him entering a significant Australian art award.

House of Tulip (DIR: Cydney Tucker, USA)
Run by Black trans for Black trans, the Black Tulip collective struggles to turn the tide of waves of transphobic violence, while co-founder Mariah Moore runs to be elected to a district council of New Orleans.

Rebel Queers: Ukraine’s Queer Resistance (DIR: Angelika Ustymenko, Alex King, Ukraine)
Occupation and resistance, and the poignancy of having to fight alongside people who had once been hostile to them, is the new reality for queers in a war to protect the sovereignty and identity of their homeland the Ukraine.

The Pride Liar (DIR: Andres Lübbert, Belgium)
Emzo is a queer activist from Georgia who had to flee his country 5 years ago. In Belgium he continues his struggle.

Unnamed (DIR: Iranmehr Salimi, Iran)
A deeply moving observation of transman Zeinab whose passion is to play in the Volleyball League for Iran as they struggle with family traditions and cultural conformity.

MQFF+ content is available to purchase now, and will be available to stream from Friday 10 Nov  – Monday 20 Nov.