Young & Queer Shorts (MQFF+)

Young & Queer Shorts (MQFF+)

109 Mins
From kids to teens, we salute our LQBTQIA+ youth with these hopeful shorts.


Adjustment (DIR: Mehrdad Hasani, Iran)
Nine year-old Shahrokh is pushed away by both family and peers, but decides to push back, and come out to the people of the village.

Before You Go (DIR: Vicente del Río, Hans von Marées, Chile)
Best friends Daniel and Franco spend one last weekend together, in an unoccupied cabin in Patagonia, before the start of college separates them.

CCTV (DIR: Samira Karimi, Iran)
Two high school girls decide to erase some compromising footage from the school's CCTV cameras, and end up getting locked in at school.

Chickenshit (DIR: Ellie Rogers, UK)
Two young boys spend their summer afternoons tearing through the countryside, but when they come across an electric fence, a competitive game sparks something unexpected between them.

Even the Dinosaurs Were Young (DIR: Ivy Crago, Meg Taranto, Australia)
Sunny and Poppy, two young women who share a fierce and enduring intimacy, take a long walk through the Dandenong Ranges.

The Fur Closet (DIR: Rachel Giles, Australia)
On a full moon's night, Charlie asks her best friend Max to help her with a big problem: she thinks she's a werewolf.

The Left Hand (DIR: Maxime Robin, Canada)
Young Maxime’s mother starts worrying about him when his 2nd grade teacher declares his behaviour 'abnormal'.

Tuī Ná (DIR: William Duan, Australia)
A seventeen year-old boy struggles to reconcile his burgeoning queer identity with his filial duties and expectations from his Chinese immigrant mother.

When the Beat Drops (DIR: Amy Janna, Netherlands)
For aspiring football stars Maya and Sem, everything finally makes sense... until the beat drops, and tragedy strikes.

MQFF+ content is available to purchase now, and will be available to stream from Friday 10 Nov  – Monday 20 Nov.